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We increase our production capacity in 2022

For next year is scheduled the instalation of two new forming lines. One is for vials and is actually with the last production tests and the other one is for ampoules and is expected to be finished in first semester of 2022. Between both lines our production capacity will be increased in 34 million of additional units.


Vaccine to fight against COVID-19

Tecnoglas starts the manufacturing of vials intended to be filled with the vaccine to fight Covid-19. En 2021 is expected that the total amount of doses stored in our vials will be longer than 100 million units.


Tecnoglas with the health personnel in our hospitals

Hospitales Madrileņos

Due to the lack of protection equipment in the hospitals during the first weeks of the pandemic COVID-19, Tecnoglas donates all its integral protection Tyvek© equipment to one hospital in Madrid, trying to contribute with our grain of sand. Thanks to everyone



From 9th to 11th October, Tecnoglas S.A. will be present in the international exhibition CPHI-INNOPACK. We will be pleased to meet you on booth 4C102.

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Pharmapack 2018 Pharmapack

As every year, next 7th and 8th February, 2018 Tecnoglas S.A. will be present in the international exhibition Pharmapack of Paris. There we will be pleased to share with you our last developments and business units including vials, cartridges and ampoules.

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IPC printing control by cameraVisioNETG

During 2017 we have developed a vision system for the control of the ampoules giving a zero defect production. This development includes a hot-end and a cold-end system able to detect any dimensional deviation, printing control based in OCR, control of the OPC, control of the coding rings, surfacte scratches, etc.

With this new systems we can guarantee 100% the printing of the critical dinamic texts like batch number or expiry date.

The implementation in all our production lines is scheduled during 2018.


New generation of control by camera systemsVisioNETG

After a development of two years, Tecnoglas has suscessfully implemented in one of the cartridges lines, the last vision system able to measure with absolute precision more than 17 functional dimensions and integrate the obtained results with the glass moulding process. These new systems will have a progresive implementation in all our production lines during the coming months replacing the actual vision systems.


Pharmapack 2017 Pharmapack

Tecnoglas S.A. will be present in the international exhibition Pharmapack that will be celebrated on 1st and 2nd February 2017. In this edition we will present our new ampoule lines equipped with latest technology in the market for dimensional control, automatic correction ROTA, OPC and four coding rings.

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During next 4th to 6th October, Tecnoglas will be present in the CPHI-InnoPack exhibition which this year will be celebrated in Barcelona. We will be pleased to attend you and show the new production lines for ampoules equipped with the latest technology in the market. You can register in the following link Register on-line


Pharmapack 2016 Pharmapack

As every year, during next 10th and 11th February Tecnoglas will assist as exhibitor to Pharpamack Europe in Paris. We will be pleased to meet you in our booth Nbr. 663 where we will show you our new increased manufacturing capacity and the last technologies in the market to produce vials, ampoules and cartridges. You can register in the following link. Register on-line


New manufacturing company Tecnoampoule, S.A.

Due to the continuous request from our customers of ampoules, in November 2015, Tecnoglas creates a new company in Madrid - Spain to manufacture pharmaceutical ampoules in the hand of technical development people with very high and recognized experience in the engineering of ampoule machinery and the manufacturing of ampoules. This new society starts with the commitment to give the highest quality ampoules in the market including vision control systems able to correct the manufacturing tendencies of the forming machine.

The initial manufacturing capacity is 100 million units per year and the volume will be from 1ml until 20ml with all the formats in the market, even specific formats from customers. All the lines will be equipped with new vision systems, printing station, 3 ring code printing, OPC and ROTA.


Increase in cartridges capacity

Since 30th September 2015, Tecnoglas has a new additional line for the manufacturing of cartridges with a new innovative camera system able to control 100% the quality of the production. The forecasted increase in the capacity for 2016 and 2017 is 40 million units more.


Pharmapack 2015

Tecnoglas will be present on Pharmapack Europe exhibition on 11th and 12th February 2015 in Paris, presenting its new solutions in glass packaging. We will be pleased to receive you in booth Nbr. 567. You can register in the following link On Line registration


New clean room ISO 7

In March 2014, Tecnoglas will pack all the pharmaceutical productions in a qualified clean room according to ISO 7 (class C), improving so the previous packaging environment which was ISO 8. This packaging room fulfills procedures UNE-EN ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2


CPHI - InnoPack 2013

Tecnoglas will be present as exhibitor in CPHI-InnoPack 2013 which will be hold from 22nd to 24th October 2013 in Frankfurt. We will be pleased to receive you on booth Nbr. 41A20. You can register in the link Register on-line


Pharmapack 2012

Tecnoglas has participated in the exhibition Pharmapack 2012 during 15th and 16th February in Paris. There we have presented the last tendences in glass packaging, high recovery systems and some specific solutions required by our customers.


ISO 14001

Tecnoglas involved with the environment starts the process to get the certification in ISO-14001. This project is intended to be implemented at the end of 2011.


ISO 15378

We have started a project to implement a quality system 15378 based in pharmaceutical GMP with will be concluded in the first quarter of 2012.


Cosmetic Inspection System

A new project has been started to develop high reliable cosmetic vision systems able to detect micro cracks in the glass in 100% of the production. The main differences of this system are the integration with our monitored production framework and the possibility to detect glass stress.


ISO 9001-2008

We have updated our quality system ISO 9001 to last version ISO 9001-2008. This certification has been performed by AENOR Look at ISO certificate
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