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This is our main business area. We produce crimp glass vials with the highest quality standards manufactured in 1st hydrolytic tubing glass class coming from Europe and USA. Between our customers can be actually found the most important companies leaders in the world in the production of vaccines and microbiology.


Crimp or screw glass vials and test tubes produced in transparent or amber 1st hydrolytical glass type


Crimp or screw vials to be used with most auto samplers in the market (Agilent, Beckman, Dynatech, Perkin Elmer, ...). We produce all the standards for chromatography (headspace, HPLC, snap, short thread, crimp neck and screw neck) in the wide range from 0.5 ml to 60 ml


Clip vials produced in 2nd and 3rd hydrolytical glass class (transparent, yellow or amber for dietetics and pills).


Cosmetic samples or small vials from 1ml to 25ml which we close with a cap, screw cap or a spray pump. Is possible to print any text in any colour. If desired, we can supply also the closure. We work with main spray pumps suppliers.

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