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The glass ampoule has the main advantage to be a closed container in which no other material than glass is in contact with the product inside, giving in this way an exceptional stability results.

For the manufacturing of the ampoules, we have the last technology in the market through a reliable vision control system able to interact with the manufacturing process and to correct deviations, optimizing in this way the production.

All our production lines are equiped with dimensional cameras to control 100% functional parameters and with printing cameras to control legal text like batch number or expiry dates through OCR technology.

We manufacture all models of ampoules, from 1ml to 20ml opened or closed with clear or amber glass, according to standards ISO 9187, DIN 58377 or to our customers specifications. We can produce with three codification printing rings, OPC and ROTA.

If you need the ampoules printed, we have inhouse printing laboratory to satisfy all your needs even for small batches with specific lot numbers or due dates.

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